In Brief

Merging Psychedelic & Steampunk Influences
The Client

Bar & Restaurant
 Nashville, TN

My Role

Visual Identity

Sample Playlist

The Challenge

Capture the Culinary Team’s Divergent Influences

The name Zeppelin evokes two eras:

19th Century Steampunk

The bright rooftop elicits the stately feeling of travel in centuries past; passengers dressed to impress and serenely floated.

60s and 70s Psychedelia

Also a reference to rock greats Led Zeppelin, the bar’s brand nods to the psychedelic styles of their heyday without directly referencing the band.

The Approach

Modernize the Brand’s Inspirations

I was influenced by new psychedelic designers like Leif Podhajsky.

Kaleidoscopic effects, optically dazzling patterns, surrealistic subject matter, and bright colors draw a clear line to the design of 60s counterculture.

To modernize the style, I traded organic, Art Nouveau-inspired forms for geometric shapes, and embraced white space instead of densely packing detail throughout a layout.

Concept Moodboard

Holographic foils on print pieces — and digital approximations for on-screen applications — introduce a brilliant array of color while allowing the brand palette to remain simple and contemporary.

Radiating concentric lines bring to mind both airflow and the rotating cogs of analog machinery.

Surrealistic photo and video direction highlights the brand’s offbeat sensibility, while ad hoc food-and-beverage photography plays up the ethereal brightness of the space.

Symbols taken from aeronautical gauges add an esoteric feeling. Holographic foil on the menu cover and iridescent photo corners create prismatic reflections, while paper inserts can easily be reprinted in house when the menu changes.

The palette can be dialed up or down in intensity depending on the use case. Airier colors and holographic effects are more prevalent in the actual bar space — to take advantage of the ample sunshine and to add to the buoyant atmosphere — while more saturated shades of pink and purple are used for applications that need to be more eye-catching — on small business cards and in advertising.

Iridescent acrylic signage mounted over a holographic foil mural creates a radiant entry experience — and an Instagrammable backdrop — as guests step off the elevator.