In Brief

Packaged Noodles & Sauces Brand Concept
The Client

 Chicago, IL

My Role

Brand Concept Development
Visual Identity
Packaging Design
Messaging & Copywriting

The Challenge

Add Approachability to Elevated Recipes

Instant noodles are a crowded market. While this product stood out with unique recipes, consumers might not be familiar with the unusual combinations of ingredients — so the brand needed to lend approachability to the flavors.

The Approach

Tasteful, Artistic Noods

The PLS SND NOODS brand draws from Henri Matisse’s iconic cutout art — flipping the cheeky, lowbrow meme to associate the brand with famously highbrow nudes. The illustrations feature a specific Matisse reference whose limbs and hair happen to resemble noodles.

Brand Inspiration

A classed-up nude doubles for a classed-up noodle, joyfully dancing with the other ingredients.

Taglines about the product’s wholesomeness humorously juxtapose the salacious brand name.

The color palette and lightly roughened texture were adapted from the artist’s late-era work. Assembled from gouache-painted sheets of paper, his cutouts included irregularities like scuffs and visible brush marks.

Product line extensions like sauces underscore the brand’s quality through materials like glass bottles and wooden stoppers.

Another iconic Matisse in his signature shade of ultramarine hoists a bowl of noodles over its shoulder.

Tote bag showing Gettys ONE stamp pattern

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